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Why Source-Escort Ads? High Quality Targeted Global & Local Traffic Makes The Difference!

  • Extremely Targeted Audience
  • Ultimate Exposure
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What does my purchase cover?

By purchasing an ad on the Source-Escorts Guide, you have secured a spot on one of the most highly trafficked websites for erotic adult entertainment services. With our ads you will receive a substantial quantity of high quality and targeted traffic to your brand. Of course every provider is unique and we cannot guarantee you a specific number of leads from your ad placements. But we do know that with the sheer amount of quality traffic that we will be driving to your ads everyday you will have more business than you can possibly handle!

What makes us different from all the other online advertising platforms available for providers is that we limit the amount of ads we accept on a monthly basis to a maximum of 30 providers. Doing this decreases the amount of competition you will face and increases the amount of clicks your ad will receive, which will automatically increase the amount of new business you will generate. Also our website ranks #1 in Google in basically every major city around the world for the term Escorts; most major local cities average BETWEEN 10,000 – 135,000 Searches PER MONTH, and with our services your large beautiful thumbnail ad will be placed directly in front of all this precious organic search traffic!

On top of all these great benefits, with Source-Escort ads you have access to the best customer service and sales staff in the industry. We are here to answer your questions and help you make the most of your advertising experience with our Erotic Guides.

We offer a variety of advertising options. Most advertisers prefer to link their thumbnail ad directly to their personal websites but if you don’t have a website we will customize a elegant full page ad for you at no additional charge; the ad will include an 8-16 photo slideshow gallery, bio description and a professional looking contact form that will notify you via email every time a prospect fills out the form!

Am I charged for changes to my ad?

There is no charge for changing any of your other ad content such as text, photos, contact information, location information, or physical attributes. You can make as many changes as you want, as often as you want. In fact, we encourage you to keep your ad fresh with up-to-date content. Doing so builds confidence in your potential clients that the information on your ad is more likely to be current and accurate.

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