Houston Escort Francesca


Create the perfect evening with the girl of your dreams-connect, enjoy and experience your greatest pleasure with me. Craft an experience that will leave you trembling.

Do you crave a deep, rich experience with one who can satisfy on all level? Whether you seek a passionate tryst, a blissful escape from the calamity of work or the oppourtunity to test new waters, I am the girl to share it with you.

You will first be stunned by my outward appearance-I have modelled extensively (and continue to do so), take meticulous care of aesthetics and maintain my fitness to a high degree. I am truly the type of lady to turn heads, not raise eyebrows. I light up a room, and seek to enrich the occassion wherever I go. At a social function, restaurant, nightclub or business place, I observe the proper decorum whilst adding my own personal zest.

You will next be intrigued by my mental sharpness. For one so young I can easily relate to those more mature than myself. I am well read, well spoken, well educated and have delved into a fair few life experiences. Of course, one is never finished learning, so I always welcome oppourtunities to absorb more knowledge and gain broader perspectives.

Finally, my seductive prowess will provide the perfect culmination to the enjoyment and anticipation that has been building. I adore touch, closeness, boldness and wordless communication. You will want for nothing after we are finished together.

The requested donations for my time are as follows:

1 hour-$350

2 hours-$600

3 hours-$900

4 hours-$1200

6 hours-$1800

12 hours-$3600

Longer dates can most certainly be accommodated. Funds must be in American currency.

Please contact me to make these visions reality. Let’s spend some time, indulge ourselves and create memories that will be etched into our minds.

Please complete this form with your booking request.

Please note that I do not store personal information about my clients. Once the reservation has been complete your information is deleted from my personal database.