Las Vegas Escort – Eve Strong


About Me

Though I am a woman with an accent of mystery, I am quite approachable, easy going and down to earth. I am the kind who cannot be defined by a cultural stereotype. I like to dance on the edge of life, taking calculated risks while constantly challenging my limits along the way. My taste for adventure has taught me to savor even the smallest morsels of pleasure.

As a mountaineer, I have scaled the likes of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Machu Picchu in Peru and Monte Blanc in the Alps of Europe, to name a few. You can imagine the conditioning of my body which is tight, toned and able to withstand such extreme athletic challenge. A long history of yoga and meditation foster an unusually positive attitude mixed with an aura of calmness, balance and stability.

Despite my physical fitness, my curves excel exactly where they should and my skin is so feminine and like warm satin. My legs are long and lean yet noticeably muscular and look phenomenal in a slinky dress and heels. My hair cascades beyond my shoulders in dark golden tresses leading the eye down the narrowness of my back and waist. My overall look is excitingly exotic, taken from an exquisite heritage that discreetly turns heads with a pinch of envy.

I take nothing for granted. Passion gets the best of me whether I am entrenched in three books simultaneously, coordinating my next international destination or beckoning the sensual attention of my suitor. I have a love affair with abstract art for it represents a depth of feelings and ideas that I like to ponder. It is fair to say that I am truly an ardent lover at heart and zealous about all that I do. While I adore fine cuisine over a lovely glass of Silver Oak cabernet, crawling into the mind of my partner is second to none. Call me cerebral but I find good conversation wonderfully arousing!

I favor seduction that starts slow and continues until we can hold out no more. When it comes right down to it, I harbor no inhibitions. Traditional lust and eroticism lie at the core of my femininity for I adore romancing my lover.

Is our acquaintance meant to be? Let us meet and determine for ourselves.

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