Luxury Vancouver Muscle Escort – Berlin Black



Thank you for finding me and taking the time to get to know me. You are the one I am interested in meeting and sharing my passions with, keep reading so we can make it a reality. My name is Berlin Black, here’s a little insight into my world of sculpting my body to emulate the ideal muscular, feminine form while demonstrating the confidence, and dedication I apply in all of my personal endeavours.

I believe you are the kind of man who appreciates the stunning display of the female body at its most spectacular state. Your adoration for a strong, hard, ripped female figure will be duly appreciated by my special way of showering you with attention and giving you a discreet, hot and sensual experience that will leave you wanting more.

The reward of enjoying a hard, toned, muscular body is a result of the intense dedication and strict control; I apply in every aspect of my life. In order to compete in physique competitions, I maintain a regimented and disciplined approach to my exercise program and overall wellness.

Each encounter that we have together will leave you satisfied and craving our next rendezvous. You will be overwhelmed and thirsty for more of my gorgeous physique. The intensity of work I put towards my body is displayed in the definition of my muscles, which surpasses the norm of the standard female form, and while everyone loves kittens, not everyone can handle a cat. I strive for excellence in every endeavour and interaction I undertake, whether it is in the gym or the bedroom. The results: superior performance and the most memorable experience for the man of discerning taste. You work hard for everything you have, have more, have an unforgettable experience with Berlin Black.

My discretion and professionalism allows you the comfort of exploring your fantasies without inhibitions. I can customize your time with me to make it unforgettable. Treat yourself with the most refined courtesan beauty who can always provide a sensual nightcap after a hectic day. My services are intimate and non-rushed, so go ahead and be pampered for an hour or more. Whether you visit me at my private Yaletown location or invite me to your upscale hotel, I am sure to impress and leave you planning your next sexy rendezvous with me. Please my general availibility is everyday from 9am-9pm.

Hour of Desire 1 hour: $400

Lingering Delight 1.5 hours: $600

Seductive Seconds 2 hours: $800

Please contact me directly if you are interested in spending more time with me.


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