Luxury Vancouver VIP Escort – Erin Tomcat


Tall, enchanting, and intuitive with her ways. Tomcat Erin invites you to captivate and be captivated.

Hello BC! I’m new to Vancouver, and I invite you to get to know me…

Thoroughly Canadian, with the cultural exposure proffered by the big city, but a deep appreciation and romantic sentimentality for natural majesty. I am the artful, ultimate sensualist; an elemental woman who knows how to temper and compose her materials.

I am here, mid twenties, poised to make your reception, and playfully eager to see you smile. I tends towards simplicity as a means of building complexity. For the perpetually curious (as I am) an individual like you embodies all the complexities necessary for my inspiration and your aspirations. I leave my senses open to register your resonance, and with your heart’s desires unveiled, I allow myself to move and be moved by the direction of your lusts.

As a woman of mild mystery, I am to forego the typical itemization of my merits past, instead allowing whatever is to flower upon our meeting flourish from the soils of intrigue and pleasure. I have full, but sweetly subtle confidence in my ability to entertain, tantalize, or riff with another, inclusive of our diversities or similarities which I celebrate with bravado. The gold is to be found where we are relating to one another within the moment, within our elegantly time-contained experience. Our experience, our perfectly encapsulated memory of one another will never be diminished, degraded, or denied; it will be my gift to you always, as it was in it’s authenticity, existing in the time-space continuum of our lives.

Here you are welcomed. Here I invite you.

Erin Tomcat