Luxury VIP Escort – Amaia X (Worldwide)


Restorer of mojo

I am…
A gloriously confident and assured introvert in my early 30s. Complex and intense under a light and frivolous surface. I am very warm, natural, earthy–and rather primal. Never coarse, never too familiar, but forthright with a dash of humor and deliberately enigmatic. I’ve been described as both demure and animalistic, the difference between my public and private selves.

Like most educated, independent companions, I’ve accomplished a number of things in life and have had many adventures, I’m very well-rounded in all sorts of unique and wonderful ways. However, I don’t feel the need to list my interests and accomplishments as though I were applying for a job. If you want to know me, you’ll talk to me when we’re together.

Or not.

You are…
An intelligent, mature man who has honed your desires to a razor’s edge. You’re masculine, successful, with a ravening appetite under your workaday suit. I adore men and exploring the erotic differences between your yang and my yin.

You’ll no doubt enjoy my perky natural breasts, rounded derriere, and soft feminine curves draped with satiny tanned skin. Or look deeply into my raw sienna eyes, stroke my silky, wavy, dark chestnut hair, and see my great smile in response. You’ll probably see that smile a lot when we’re together.

The Possibilities

In a world where fake reactions and false flattery are the norm, I prefer to step aside from that to live in the moment with you. I do not “perform.” Imagine a very real, truly responsive woman who is capable of offering the different facets of herself as the mood shifts.

Trysts can be sweet and romantic (with lots of snuggling), or pure unleashed lust. Do you want to worship at my feet? Or should I kneel at yours? What secret fetishes would you love to explore? The chemistry we create is our own, the story of an hour or two.

My website is extremely simple and enjoyable, detailing everything you need to know about arranging our tryst. And you will want to meet me.

Incall only, advance planning is necessary if you wish to spend time with me. I accept all major credit cards! Active-duty military are welcome.

Pittsburgh Feb. 17-20

Richmond Feb. 8-12

Norfolk/Virginia Beach Feb. 13-16

Amaia X